GivingTuesday Drawing Results

Our thanks to everyone who took time to tell us about a cause they believe in.

The first randomly selected organization is Marlton-based MB3 Foundation, whose mission is to improve education. eliminate poverty, and empower women, 8,000 miles away in rural Bangladesh. Their wide-ranging programs are described in detail on their website:

The second randomly selected organization is Mallory’s Army, which operates primarily in New Jersey  Their mission includes educating parents on how their kids interface with their world, promoting kindness among students, and uniting everyone in an effort to Blue Out Bullying.   To learn more about this group and the important work they do, visit and their Facebook page.

Both groups will receive a $1,000 gift from Segal and Iyer in the spirit of GivingTuesday.

Every nominee is listed below, along with the descriptions (some abbreviated) submitted with their nominations. Please look the list over, and consider making a contribution to the cause or causes you find most compelling.

BIG Love Cancer Care
After the loss of my nephew to cancer my sister joined up with this organization to help families with children who are newly diagnosed with cancer. They buys presents for kids and grocery/shopping items that the families need while they are in the hospital. They even give scholarships to survivors.


Camden County Habitat for Humanity
Camden County Habitat builds strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. We’ve built over 70 homes for low-income families in Camden County.


Cathedral Kitchen
Cathedral Kitchen is the largest emergency food provider in South Jersey; provides meals, groceries, job training and health and social services. Mission is to help people out of food insecurity and champion their pursuit of stability and prosperity.


F.I.R.S.T (Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types)
F.I.R.S.T. provides money for research into the skin condition of Ichthyosis. They also provide support for families and patients with Ichthyosis.


First Book
First Book believes that education is the best way out of poverty for children in need.  We provide books and other resources to classrooms and programs serving children in need, from birth to age 18, in order to remove barriers to quality education for all kids.

Over its 30-year history, First Book has distributed more than 225 million books and educational resources, with a retail value of more than $2 billion. Learn more at


International Rescue Committee
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, earning top marks from charity watchdog groups for our efficient and effective use of donations.

This Giving Tuesday, think of refugees. Imagine having to leave your home, your community, your life, in a matter of moments with no advance notice. Imagine having to flee from violence, watching your town erupt in chaos, and your neighbors struggling as they try to escape. Imagine having to start over somewhere unfamiliar.

(note: All gifts to IRC will be matched by generous donors now through 1/2/23, or until the $2.5 million match goal is reached.)


Kellman Brown Academy
Kellman Brown Academy is a local Jewish Day school whose mission is to inspire young kinds through academic excellence to aim high, think creatively and embrace Jewish values.

Many of our students go to Segal and Iyer for their orthodontia which makes sense because our families believe in the best for our children –  quality education and quality health care. With tuition only covering 65% of our costs, we rely on donors like you in the community to help close the gap between our costs and revenue.

Thank you for considering this vital organization in our own back yard!!!”


Kelly’s Kidz
Kelly’s Kidz is a non profit organization dedicated to empowering the community to provide children in pediatric hospitals items for play and other essentials for a comfortable stay. Currently, Kelly’s Kidz works to provide donations to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. Events such as pajama parties are done throughout the Delaware Valley to collect new pajamas for patients to feel more comfortable while away from home. During this time of year, Kelly’s Kidz hosts toy drives at restaurants, businesses and community events to collect new toys for patients in the hospital. Toys are also used in the hospital for activities run by Child Life Coordinators. These donations help them to engage patients and provide emotional support and well-being during a patient’s stay and treatment.    Facebook page


Mallory’s Army
Mallory’s Army is a 501C3 anti-bullying non-profit.  They travel across the state (and country!) to educate the schools and communities about the dangers of bullying.  This non-profit was created due to the passing of 12 year old Mallory Grossman who took her own life after bullying at school.   Now her mother and her closest friends travel to schools, community centers and town halls to put on presentations to educate teachers, children and parents about our states hidden epidemic.  We lose more children to suicide than we do to car accidents in this state and its quickly become the leading cause of death for children 12-24.  Mallory’s Army teaches the signs, symptoms and causes of bullying as well as gives guidance about how to combat this epidemic.


MB3 Foundation
They work for Women’s Empowerment through Education and Sustainable Businesses.


We use theatre to educate about bullying, mental health, and child abuse.  We are based in Nebraska, but offer programs remotely as well.


Ride Hard Breathe Easy
This organization raises money to help lung cancer patients get rides to and from their oncology appointments. They help raise awareness about lung cancer.


SJ Boys Read!
SJ Boys Read! is a non-profit organization based in southern New Jersey that encourages young boys to read.


South Jersey Mothers of Multiples
SJ Moms is a non-profit group, South Jersey Mothers of Multiples helps to provide support, information, and direction to mothers of twins and higher-order multiples from newborns to college-age children and beyond. For more than 50 years, the club has led to long-lasting friendships between families. We conduct several charity drives and currently collecting winter hats, scarves and mittens at our next event.


Smile Train
This is an international organization that provides cleft lift surgeries to children who need them.


Team Velvet
Team velvet is a non-profit equine assisted therapy program that provides FREE therapy by a psychologist for children who have experienced loss and trauma. So many children have benefited from the services provide by Dr. Edwards and Velvet the horse.


Therapeutic Riding at Majoda

Majoda Stables offers therapeutic horseback riding for people with special needs. Riding on horseback offers many benefits and advantages for individuals with learning and communication differences, emotional and social growth, and physical differences. The physical motion of the horse stimulates the areas of the brain associated with walking. It has a cadence that the human body can respond to and helps the rider to develop balance, coordination, and rhythm through the use of exercises and activities. Communicating with the horse, whether through verbal commands or physical signals using the hands and legs, results in the horse performing the tasks the rider has asked for. It is possible to set up situations in which the rider can experience immediate success.


Tackling Life’s Challenges (TLC)
TLC of South Jersey is an organization based in Marlton whose primary objective is to strengthen and grow the TLC Hurricanes, a Burlington County based training program preparing athletes for the Special Olympics of NJ and so much more.  As the organization evolves, they plan to develop programs for their participants providing work skills, job skills, job coaching, and employment coordination throughout our community. Luca Zadeh is a Special Olympics athlete participating in soccer, floor hockey, and basketball through the TLC organization.


Tools for School
Tools for School is a nonprofit organization that provides underprivileged children with backpacks and school supplies. It is a teen-led initiative that involves high school students throughout the South Jersey area.

The average American family will spend $864 on back-to-school essentials. For some parents, this warrants a decision between buying school supplies for their children for the year, paying rent for the month, or putting food on the table. We will continue to grow this organization until no parent has to make that decision.