Top Orthodontists


We believe our doctors are among the best you’ll find anywhere:

  • With their combined 25+ years of orthodontic experience, they have successfully treated patients with every type of malocclusion (imperfectly aligned teeth). They create beautiful smiles even for patients who have been told that it might not be possible, usually in far less time than the patients and their dentists expect.
  • Our doctors treat more Invisalign patients than any other practice in our area. They also advise other providers on complex cases. (that’s why so many dentists send their families to us for treatment.
  • They’re recognized by dental professionals. Dozens of practices have referred thousands of patients to Segal and Iyer.
  • We see patients from all over the country.
  • Our doctors are perineal winners of numerous top dentist / orthodontist awards. They’ve also received honors from national publications and professional organizations.
  • They’re recognized orthodontic experts – invited by leading universities like Harvard and Penn to speak with tomorrow’s dentists, and called on by Fox29, ABC6, and others to educate the public.

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Leading the Way In Continuing and Consumer Education

One thing that distinguishes our doctors is their commitment to education. This is evidenced not only by their achievements in highly competitive dental and orthodontic programs, but also by how seriously they take continuing education.

By attending seminars and workshops, and through self-education, our doctors stay on the cutting edge of orthodontics. They constantly evaluate technological and clinical developments, and adopt them when the time is right.

They were among the first orthodontists in South Jersey to establish a Spear Study Club, a group of forward-thinking general dentists and specialists who collaborate to create strategies for providing patients with the best possible outcomes. These groups are rapidly gaining popularity among dedicated dental professionals nationwide who are serious about achieving optimal results.

In addition, our doctors are called on by local TV stations to help educate consumers about current healthcare issues. They conduct state-approved continuing education seminars for hundreds of dental professionals, and have lectured dental students about ways to deliver excellent patient care in an increasingly challenging healthcare environment.