Keep That Beautiful New Smile Just The Way It Is

We create a smile that’s perfect for you by precisely repositioning your teeth.  Our Retain Your Smile plan helps keep them that way.

That’s why we introduced our Retain Your Smile plan.  It provides a full decade of protection against shifting that can ruin your smile.  Upon completion of your treatment we’ll take 3-D digital scans of your teeth, from which we create precisely engineered retainers.  You’ll receive one set to use immediately, and a spare to keep on hand.

For plan members, retainer replacement is easy.  We’ll keep your digital scans on file for ten years. Even if you lose or damage both sets of retainers, you can easily order replacements with a simple phone call. In most cases, no office visit is needed!  Best of all, you’ll pay only $39 each for any replacement aligners you need.  That’s 77% off the regular price of $175.

Retain Your Smile members will 10 years of smile protection.  The $699 enrollment fee includes:

  • A goop-free digital scan of your upper and lower arches
  • Two sets of custom made Essix retainers
  • A premium clamshell case
  • Unlimited replacement retainers for only $39 per arch
  • One complimentary rescan, if needed
  • Archiving of your scans in our secure cloud storage. If you relocate or are away at school, for example, you’ll be able to order replacement retainers without coming in for another scan.  (Shipping charges will apply)

Ask your treatment coordinator how you can retain your smile with confidence.