This “wish list” of toys for child patients was compiled by Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.

Infant Items:
Preferred brands:
– Fisher Price, Lamaze, Sassy, VTech,
Baby Einstein
General Donation Ideas:
– Brand name crib toys (i.e. plastic
crib mirrors, mobiles, projectors,
aquariums etc.
– Pop-up toys
– Light-up/musical toys
– Stacking/nesting toys/infant links
– Board books/sound making books
– Rattles/teething rings/infant crib
– Activity gyms and play mats
Toddler Items:

Preferred brands:
– Little Tykes, Fisher Price, Little
People, V-Tech, Melissa & Doug,
Leap Frog
General Donation Ideas:
– Musical Instruments
– All plastic/durable toys (i.e baby
dolls, pirate ship, garage, doll
house, animals, dinosaurs, trucks
– Kitchen sets
– Plastic play food
– Tool Kits
– V-Tech toys

Adolescent Items:

Gift Cards (Increments of $25):
– Amazon, Visa, American Express,
Starbucks, Wawa, Target, WalMart
General Ideas:
– Advanced Lego kits
– Gift sets: gel manicure (Opi, Essie,
Sally Hansen), make-up
– Jewelry sets, watches, accessories
– Craft Crush brand advanced art
kits, adult coloring books
– iPhone/Android/Samsung
o Cases (including iPad)
o Earbuds
o Docking station
– Sports team clothing (jerseys,
sweatshirts, hats), sports
memorabilia, professional or

– Digital cameras and SD cards
– Headphones
– Portable DVD Players
– DVDs
o Brand new/popular: GPG13
– Video Games: “E for Everyone” – “T
for Teen” (please no M-rated) for
the following systems:

Art Supplies:

Preferred brands:
– Crayola, Play-Doh, Model Magic,
Melissa & Doug, Craft Crush
General Donation Ideas:
– Crayola products – markers, Model
Magic, colored pencils, markers
– Popular character coloring books
– Gel pens, Sharpies, Watercolor
– Watercolor/Textile paper, sketch
– Play-doh, Play-doh tools,
– Sticker scenes
– Scissors (child and adolescent
– Paintbrushes
– Glue (Elmer’s, glue sticks)
– Oil pastels
– Wikki Stix
– All plastic lap desks
– Arts & Crafts kits: Melissa & Doug,
Crayola, Craft Crush
Other Needs:
General Donation Ideas:
– I Spy and Find Books
– Playing Cards, UNO Cards
– Fisher Price Doctor’s Kits
– All Plastic Baby Dolls
– Lego Kits

Sensory Items:
Sensory toys are toys that provide the
particular sensory input that many
children crave. The toys can be visual or
tactile and are used for capturing
attention. Sensory toys can be purchased
from: S&S Worldwide or TFH, USA.
General Donation Ideas:
– Switch boards
– Fidget Items: Tangle toy, toy rings
– Textured balls
– Weighted blanket
– Color changing lamps or wands
– Beady balls
– Noise cancelling headphones
– Massagers
– Chew Stixx
**Please note before making
your donation:
– The following items are recalled:
O-balls, fidget spinners
– If you are looking to make a
monetary donation please call for
a suggestion before purchasing
– All items that are donated must be
un-wrapped before accepting
– We will not be able to accept any
Holiday-themed items
– We will not be able to accept any
handwritten notes, cards or