Faster Invisalign Treatments

One question we hear nearly every day is “how long will my Invisalign treatment take”?  As you might guess, most patients want their Invisalign treatment to take as little time as possible. Some are hoping to have their new smile by an important event, like a wedding or reunion.  Others just want to minimize any inconvenience.

We offer a unique set of accelerated Invisalign options that you won’t find at any other local practice. These options can shave up to 50% off the time you spend in braces or Invisalign trays.  We use technologies like AcceleDent Aura– which shortens treatment times through use of micro pulses – and Propel Excellerators that use microperforations to speed the tooth movement process. These technologies, along with recent changes in Invisalign guidelines, allow us to move some patients through their aligners every two to three days versus the traditional 14 day cycle.

Call us to schedule your free consultation today. Our doctors will be happy to explain how these options can help you have the smile you want, sooner.